Thank You
From the heart of your Stylist

I just want to take the time to say THANK YOU to all of my clients that have been there and supported me throughout this season of my life.  It is truly a blessing to have such a loyal and understanding clientele.  I have learned so much in business and hair since cosmetology school.  It's very rare to be able to say thank you to those that have been with me since school!  I've tried my best provide the greatest service I could possibly provide over the years.  Your being here with me so long has proven to me that I am appreciated and my efforts have not been overlooked.  Thank you for your continued support of the salon.  I will continue to make sure that the salon continues to run with the same professionalism you are used to.  I have developed a relationship on some level with all my clients and I hope we continue long after this stamp in time.  Thank you to those clients that have trusted the process of new stylists performing services to help me!  I know my schedule stayed booked solid, but you still stuck in there with me by allowing another stylists to service you.  That proved your great loyalty and trust in ME...THANK YOU!  It's time for the salon to go to the next level.  Thank you for allowing me to step from behind to chair to continue my vision and dream to make Elliptical Naturals great!  I love you and  thank you so much for your solid patronage! 

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