Why Locks? Why Now?

It's amazing to have watched the natural hair movement come about and evolve the way that it has. When I first went natural everyone was pulling at any and everything trying to figure out their natural hair type, what products to use and how to make their curls pop. We became product junkies trying a new product before getting a fourth of the way through the first product purchased. We joined natural hair communities to share our journey and exchanged product knowledge information with others trying to make it all work.

As the movement evolved so has the the mindset of those that have embarked on the quest for freedom in the area of wearing their own hair texture. We went from "I'm all natural now, free from relaxer and the salon" to "I do not feel like twisting my hair tonight for that twist out look in the morning." Where we thought it would be easier to embrace our natural texture we did not calculate in the amount of work it takes to have the looks and defined the curls we saw on YouTube and different blogs.

Everyone's hair is NOT the same. What one person can do to quickly formulate a style the next person may have to work overtime for the same look. We started to wonder is it all worth it? Although the long term as far as the health of your hair has been somewhat preserved, what can you do about the time we are now loosing trying to maintain this beautiful fro? Still wanting to stay natural, a lot of women have started looking for more convenient options.

The mission remains the same however the route can change. The next time you are out and about take a look around you. Take notice of how many women and men you see wearing locks. You will be surprised to see the amount of people that have opted for the locked lifestyle. Not only have they maintained their mission to steer clear of relaxer they have regained the freedom they originally wanted in their locks.

If you have found yourself agreeing to what you have read and would like other options consider locks. As permanent and people would like to make them out to be, truth be told they do not grow out of your scalp You can transition right back out of them just like you went into them. And honestly it's a much better option to consider and try than reverting back to what we let go of, relaxer. You never know, you may LOVE IT!! ;-)

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