What to consider when returning to the hair salon.

Wow, so much has happened in the past few months. Literally the life we knew just a few weeks ago have drastically changed. As people try to adjust to the "new normal" clients and stylists are looking at servicing and being serviced differently. Each state, and in some cases each county in the state has it's own requirements to follow when returning to the salon. Even with that being in place there are still clients that may feel uncomfortable coming back into the salon to be serviced.

There are so many things to be considered, I hardly know where to begin. Outside of the requirements asked for stylists, governed by the state, I want the clients to ponder this. Consider the set up of your particular salon. It it an open salon with multiple stylists and clients in and out? Is it a suite with only you and your stylist?? How clean is the salon and cleaning habits of the stylist? Are there multiple clients waiting at all times during your service normally? Certain things should be considered when opting in or out of returning to the salon and it all depends on individual setups.

When moving about a our "new normal" day how many people do you come into contact with? Even with mask and gloves, sanitizer close and washing hands as often as possible how may people do you come into contact with? If a quick trip to the grocery store where there are lines, and isles. Needing to "scoot" past someone nowadays require more thought than you would have given a few weeks ago, right? Walking back to the car you wonder, did I come into contact with anyone on the bread isle?? With all that being said, 14 days later, what do you know, all is well and you can live to see another day.

Doctors and nurses come into contact with infected people daily, I mean it's their job right? Some wearing the required mask and that's it!! Multiple patients, all day, some double shift and no signs of being infected. I am not saying this is the end all and we're good based on that information, all I am saying is consider. I believe two perfectly healthy people, stylist and client can get through a hair service using the proper safety precautions. And if you survived the grocery store with multiple contact with people, I think we can get through our one on one service.

Of course there is some action required by each individual person as well. How healthy are you? How strong is your immune system? We should not only use the precautions we physically see others use, we should also do our due diligence to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. A virus can not be "caught" if your body is strong enough to fight it!!! And honestly unless you plan on living under a rock, you should work on having an extremely strong immune system. Peace of mind in that regard is priceless. Confidence in knowing I have done everything possible to ensure my safety so you don't develop a severe case of cabin fever is essential.

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on what is going on, and what is REALLY going on and the best way to handle it in on our individual setup. Use your critical thinking skills and intuition to draw your own conclusion. This blog is in no way suggesting anyone do anything they are uncomfortable with. As for those stepping out with confidence, enjoy your new do!!

Elliptical Naturals has adopted a one on one client and stylist service salon concept. We are confident in the environment offered to clients and are happy to service confident clients. It's all a process and we are moving through it. Consult with your stylist to find out what they are doing to ensure client safety!

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