Safety First!

New Safety Precautions Moving Forward at Elliptical Naturals

I know with all that has been going on with Coronavirus COVID-19 strand there can be some concerns with safety when returning to the hair salon.  Here at Elliptical Naturals I have made adjustments with my clients in mind.  Please understand yours and my safety is number one priority and I do believe I can provide your essential hair care services in the safest environment.

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The salon will be clean and sanitized each day, several times a day.  Nontoxic products will be used to make sure those with asthma, allergies, or lung issues will not be effected. Nontoxic and effective hand soap and hand sanitizer will be available at all times.  

You are welcomed to wear a face mask for peace of mind and safety.  Face masks with loops for ears verses loops for the full head will be easier when it comes to hair styling.


One on one services now provided at the salon! No other stylists or clients will be in the salon during your service.  This is to help minimize contact with multiple people during your service.  Be aware there may be a slight overlap during transitions.

I understand with all the safety adjustments made there may be some that still don't feel safe enough to return to the salon, and that is perfectly fine.  If you still have some concerns please stay home and take care of yourself.  Focus of building your immune system and mental acceptance of the New Normal presented to us today.  I can not wait to service you soon!  Dana