Questions You May Have

What exactly is Sacred Space?

Sacred Space is an addition to this existing business model. I am providing products and space to assist those interested in their spiritual journey and awakening. There will be retailed products offered as well as events to aid in this. This will in no way get in the way of the existing services offered, but offer more for existing clients, as well as new customers to utilize.

What kind of products and events will you offer?

The retail products will be those you would find in a Metaphysical or Crystal Shop. The events will be "enlightenment" events that will hit on popular topics of interest in the area of spiritual growth.

What if I don't believe in all of this?

"Belief is an entitlement based on and individuals preception of a subject matter. We all have the option to share the same knowledge or respectfully opt out." ~Dana P. Matthews~

I am very interested in can I get more info?

Glad you asked!! What we need will show up at the time we are ready to receive it. Stay tuned to the Sacred Space site within this Elliptical Naturals site. I will be adding information on a regular basis. I have a lot to share and I want to make sure I am sharing at a pace where others can easily receive without feeling overwhelmed. I am so excited to walk this journey with you!

I see there is a Shop!  How do I purchase products?

You may shop like you would any other online shopping platform. You should be given an option of shipping or pick up. If you are a regular client of course pickup would be perfect for you, however I am willing to ship all products. There is also an option for a montly subscription box as well. I highly recommend the subscription box option as you navigate your journey. This will allow you to receive monthly products and knowledge presented in a manner to learn and absorb the information at a comfortable pace. As we grow so will the the products inside the "shop" online as well in house.