New to the Salon?  This is how it's done...

Salon Policies

Here at Elliptical Naturals we try to run a professional establishment.  We understand clients always look for a "professional salon and stylist" to patronize.  In order to create such environment it is necessary to place and enforce policies. Professionalism is created through order, order is created through the setting and following of policies.  Thank you for understanding.


All clients are asked to book and man your own appointments through our online booking system.  You will not be able to call, email or walk in to book, CANCEL or reschedule an appointment, no exceptions.  If you are not a "tech savvy" person feel free to call or drop by for quick lesson on our easy booking system.  Please listen to the video on appointment setting as well. 



Please, Please, Please NO kids.  We are not currently servicing kids at the moment. Thank you or understanding.

Late Policy

Clients are only allowed a 15 minute grace after which appointment will be canceled and client will incur a same day cancellation fee. Please refer to fee explanation below.


Frequently Asked Questions
I was late...My appointment is cancelled AND I owe a fee?

We try to respect the clients time and we ask for the same thing in return.  We try, try, try to stay on-time with our appointments.  Natural hair services can be unpredictable.  If we are able to start the client on-time we are able to utilize all the appointment time allotted to complete the style.  Clients already get a 15 minute grace so the stylist is already behind allowing the grace.  Anything after that  is setting the stylist up for failure as well as placing the next client in a position to be frustrated by their service starting extremely late.  Refer to the fee question in this section to explain fees.  Thanks for understanding.

Why can't I email my cancellation?

Because we have a system in place for you to to do this.  The system works in real time to instantly make your cancelled appointment available immediately.  An emailed appointment by set in the inbox unread for extended period of time still appearing to the stylists that you still wish to keep the appointment.  Sometimes they stylist may no until it is too late to allow another client to book the appointment.  The only way you are not required to use they system is if you are within your 24 hour window, they system will not allow you to cancel at this time.  Only at this point you will be allowed to CALL  to cancel (not email), in which you will be informed of you same day cancellation fee.  Thanks for using our system!

Why can't I call to book an appointment?

Today's technology allows us to incorporate options into our salon operations that will allow the business to flow more smoothly. Providing an online booking service allows the stylist to take advantage of all of the time allotted to their current client.  It also allows the client to book appointments based on their individual need.

Why are clients charged a fee for cancellations?

It takes longer to complete a full natural hair style verses a relaxed hair style typically.  In order to keep wait times down we do not double book and we only allow one add on service per appointment.  Because of this the stylists take 4-5 appointments a day.  Giving the fact that is such a small number, just one same day cancellation or no call no show can tremendously impact that particular stylist income for that day.  The fee is to compensate the stylist for the time lost considering the fact the time slot was blocked for that client and no one else could book it.  Thanks for understanding.

Before Scheduling An Appointment

Please take a moment to view the video above.